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2024/2025 Preschool Fees

Families who have a household income of less than $180,000/year can apply for subsidy up to $125/month.
Please visit:

All monthly program fees have been decreased and held at 22/23 rates thanks to the Alberta child care grant, which is provided directly to Malmo Pre-Kindergarten.

Monthly payments for 2024/2025 are summarized in the table below.

*Program Fees have been reduced as per the Alberta Government Child Care grant to maintain fees at 22/23 prices. Fees are subject to change based on government programs.
**Families must apply for additional government child care subsidies. This number does not reflect the monthly payment amount since subsidies are reimbursed after fee payment. Fees are subject to change based on government programs.

Registration for the 2024/2025 School Year

Please review our 2024-2025 Parent Handbook before registering.

Although we offer 5-day classes, not all children are developmentally ready to attend preschool five days per week. We ask that any new families interested in a 5-day class request to meet with the teachers to assess the child’s readiness and make an appropriate plan.

Steps to Register:

  1. Please fill out the 2024/2025 Online Registration form (click link or see below).
  2. Pay the Registration Fee and first Program and Lease Fees.
  3. After receiving your registration, the registrar will contact you by email within 1-2 days with a conditional confirmation for your child.
  4. Once you receive the email confirmation that a spot is being held for your child, you are required to fill out and return all attached forms within 10 days. These forms provide the preschool with the required bank information for the school fees and fines. Unless this information is received within the required timeframe, your spot is held but not confirmed, and may be given to another eligible family.
  5. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis (no lottery).

Registration Details (click to expand)

Registration Requirements 2024/2025

Submission of registration is not considered complete until Registration fee, first Program fee, and first Lease fee are paid. 

Once a registration is completed, and after the Registrar has provided written confirmation of a child’s spot at the preschool, all families have ten (10) business days to submit their bank information.

Registration Fee

$60 per child, per school year (non-refundable, to be paid at time of registration to Malmo Pre-Kindergarten PayPal account).

NOTE 1: You do not need a PayPal account to pay the fee via PayPal. After opening the PayPal link, scroll down to find the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button. Proceed with payment as a Guest (no need to log in for payment).

Program Fee

The first Program Fee is required upon registration. Subsequent monthly Program Fees will be automatically withdrawn on the first day of the month, every month from September to May:

  • 2-days per week (Tuesday & Thursday AM or PM) – $55 per month after government child care grant ($0 if eligible for government child care subsidy)
  • 3-days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM or PM) – $90 per month after government child care grant ($0 if eligible for government child care subsidy)
  • 5-days per week (Monday to Friday) – $145 per month after government child care grant ($20 if eligible for government child care subsidy)

Alternatively, upon specific request to the Registrar, one preauthorized withdrawal may be made for the whole school year.

One clear calendar month notice is required on vacating a space during the year. Your child may attend school during the notice period. If a place is booked before school commences in September, any cancellation must be made before August 1 to ensure return of September fees. On or after August 1, the one-month notice applies, and September’s monthly fee is non-refundable. Withdrawal after March 1 requires payment of Program Fees for remainder of school year. 

Lease Fee

The first Lease Fee is required upon registration. Subsequent monthly Lease Fees are automatically withdrawn with the Program Fees. These fees do not qualify for coverage under the government child care subsidy.

  • 2-day classes: $37
  • 3-day and 5-day classes: $40

School Fines

Fundraising Fines: $200/term
Parent Job Fine: $100/term

NOTE: A fine is only withdrawn if a parent does not complete the related duty (i.e. fails to participate in fundraising activities or does not complete their Parent Job).  Written notice is given before any fines are withdrawn.

Holding Places

Children must be three years old in order to attend Malmo Pre-kindergarten. If a child does not turn three years old before the school year, they can start at the beginning of the school year with “visit days” where a parent/guardian must stay with them during the class.  A student can then attend class without an adult after their third birthday. Parents are still required to pay all monthly fees. This situation should be discussed with the Registrar when applicable.

Parent Handbook

To review the 2024/2025 handbook please click here.

For a handbook summary please click here.

2024/2025 Registration Form

2024/2025 Registration Payment

After clicking “Submit” at the end of the registration form, a message will open with a link to pay the registration fee through PayPal. Some web browsers may automatically block the redirect to PayPal and the link will be lost. If this happens to you, please come back here and choose the correct class PayPal button below after you have submitted your registration form.

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