Our Preschool

Our Classes

Morning Program

  • Learning-through-play recommended for 3- & 4-year-olds
  • 9:00-11:15 am
  • Provides opportunity for children to socialize with their peers
  • Provides consistent environment and routine to build security & self-confidence
  • Encourages creativity and curiosity
  • Enables children to make independent choices and build on their interests
  • Parent-involved feedback and assessment

Afternoon Program

  • Kindergarten Prep recommended for 4- & 5-year-olds
  • 1:00-3:15 pm
  • Focus on STEM development while keeping the creative freedom for children to express themselves
  • Provide opportunities to improve a child’s literacy and numeracy skills as outlined in the Alberta Education Kindergarten Program
  • Nurture children’s curiosity and development of critical thinking skills that will be beneficial for their future school careers
  • Formal feedback and assessment
  • Perfect for children attending morning kindergarten

Choose the best schedule for you!
2-days (Tue/Thu, recommended for 3-year olds)

3-days (Mon/Wed/Fri, recommended for 4-year olds)
5-days per week (Mon to Fri, recommended for kids that have attended preschool previously)

Go to the Registration & Fees page to see the list of fees for each class.

Our Learning Philosophy

Malmo Pre-Kindergarten promotes a learning through play environment. We believe that play enhances the growth and development of the whole child: physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively. It is through play that children learn to make sense of their world.

Malmo Pre-Kindergarten is an inclusive learning environment.  Ask us about the agencies we partner with and what accommodations can be made for your child.

Physical Needs

Opportunities for indoor play in the school gymnasium with various recreational equipment and outdoor play in the park and playground offer the children many activities that promote large muscle development and body coordination.

Small muscles and fine coordination are developed through the use of small-parts toys, blocks, puzzles, games, crafts, play dough, sand, and musical instruments.

Children are taught body care methods and needs through special theme subjects, activities, and resource visitors.

Social Needs

A preschool of similar ages makes companionship possible. Under the guidance of the teacher, the school provides many experiences in playing with and alongside peers, sharing, waiting one’s turn, and managing relationships and conflicts.

Emotional Needs

Children are offered a consistent routine and encouragement in an atmosphere of caring, concerned adults who are sensitive to the feelings of children.

Intellectual Needs

Various learning centres that change weekly, music/singing time, baking/cooking opportunities, exposure to technology and STEM activities, field trips, and visits from special guests all stimulate curiosity and contribute to the growth of ideas.

Creative Needs

Children explore their artistic natures through daily craft activities, a painting centre, a drawing centre, and a play dough table. Our playhouse and dollhouse allow the children a variety of imaginative play.

A Day in the Life of Malmo Pre-kindergarten



Some of our centres include:

Water Table

Sand Table

Painting Easel

Small-parts Toys
& Games


Arts & Crafts


Book Corner

Additional Benefits of Attending Malmo Preschool

  • Individualized instruction, assistance, and encouragement according to children’s individual needs and stages of development.
  • Large motor skills practiced using the school gymnasium, outdoor park, and movement breaks.
  • Fine motor skills practiced while playing with small-part toys, crafting, and playing at the various centres.
  • Weekly theme with specific daily activities to further stimulate and challenge the children, including guest speakers and field trips.
  • Exposure to art media, music, science, books, food, people and community experiences to broaden and expand children’s knowledge.
  • Teachers constantly assess the program, the environment, and each child in order to adapt and improve the program as necessary.
  • Teachers provide assessment for each child in the areas of social-emotional development, motor skills, language arts and reading readiness, math readiness, and physical literacy; assessments are shared and discussed regularly with parents/guardians.

Malmo Pre-Kindergarten vs Malmo Preschool

We are frequently asked about the name of our school. Our official name is Malmo Pre-Kindergarten but often call ourselves Malmo Preschool. So, is there a difference?

There are many different terms for the grouping of three to five-year-olds: pre-kindergarten, preschool, playschool and nursery school. All these terms mean the same thing. For the most part, we refer to our school as the Malmo Preschool.