Our Team

Zahra Aim

Level 3 ECE, Diploma in Early Childhood Education

My name is Ms. Zahra and I studied at MacEwan University in Edmonton and received my diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2018.

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, I moved to Edmonton in 2006 and have since grown to love this city. Though Toronto is my birthplace, Edmonton feels like my true home, largely because of the incredible friendships I’ve formed here that have become an extension of my family. 

My passion for working with children began when I started volunteering at my local childcare centre. Initially, I supported them during field trips, but my role quickly expanded to assisting whenever they needed help. After years of volunteering, I knew this was the career path I wanted to pursue.

Upon completing my education, I began working with preschool-aged children and discovered the importance of building strong relationships with both children and their families. My goal has always been to create an inspiring learning environment where every child feels excited, respected, and welcome. My image of the child is that all children are capable and competent, deserving of an environment that provides them with the tools for success and treats them as such. I believe in fostering a setting where each child is recognized for their strengths and potential, and where their natural curiosity is encouraged and nurtured. This approach ensures that they feel respected, valued, and inspired to learn and grow. I am especially passionate about the benefits of outdoor play and make it a cornerstone of my programming to support children’s overall development and instill a love for the natural world. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time in nature with friends and family, whether having picnics or exploring new food spots around town. I’m a huge animal lover and enjoy playing with my two cats. In the summer, I love relaxing in my cozy hammock under the sun, and in the winter, there’s nothing better than curling up on my couch by the fireplace and watching movies. 

Branden Zylenko

Level 1 ECE, Educational Assistant Diploma (Honors)

Mr. Branden has his educational assistant diploma and is currently continuing his early learning education. He has an extensive background in after school programming and volunteering with youth. It was during this time that his passion developed to help kids have fun while learning and to feel safe and welcome in a learning environment. During his practicum at CDI, he had the opportunity to work with pre-kindergarten kids and had an absolute blast! Mr. Branden is passionate about helping learners of any age level become their best selves, whether it’s through better writing or emotional regulation. 

Additional Certifications

  • Standard First Aid
  • Nonviolent Crisis Training

Operations Manager - Michelle Lindberg

B.Ed, B.Kin, M.Ed, Level 3 ECE, Alberta Permanent Teaching Certificate, Certificate in Online Education

This position evolved after parent volunteers (particularly executive board volunteers) identified the need to have one, part-time, paid position to maintain the files and knowledge of school operations to keep things running successfully and consistently from year to year.  We recognized that families are still wanting to be involved in a parent-led non-profit, but we also realize that there is a lot of operational and administrative tasks that are quite frankly easier to assign to an operations manager that has the knowledge and context.  This position supports and guides the executive board and takes the stress out of many of the volunteer duties that families may have with the school.  This position’s sole purpose is to make family engagement with the school easy breezy lemon squeezy!

Michelle brings an extra level of teaching knowledge and experience to assist the preschool. In addition to being a Malmo Pre-kindergarten alumnus with experience as board president, Michelle is a teacher with 18 years of experience at all levels, from pre-kindergarten to university.